WK2- Art Experience- Plaster Mold

imageimageimageimage                                      I have never handled plaster before this, and I was really nervous to mess up. Reality, the most difficult part was discouraging my dogs’ participation. Once I made my mold, I mixed my plaster, but the first go I didn’t mix enough. My goal was to achieve and preserve max detail. After I poured I left my masterpiece to sit- the best part ab0ut doing this from home was having plenty of things to occupy myself with in the meantime, like Netflix and my dogs. I had let it sit for well over an hour before digging up my creation. I was really excited to see how the shape turned out, hoping my mold held up from pouring. I was surprised how well the sand held from looking at my mold. You can see my nails and even the shape of my knuckles. Excited to show my parents, they’re response was “Creepy”. And from my dogs facial expression she was quite confused. For the record my fingers aren’t crooked.


WK1-Art Experience- Landscape with a Corpse

I had a lot of fun brainstorming possible landscapes, but most of my daytime is consumed with work hours so I was limited to indoor lighting. My bathroom is the most illuminated room in my house. Photo creds to my little brother-Drake, the only artistic mind I trust in my household because he gets me. And shout out to his attention to detail after telling me to close my eyes, followed by knocking shampoo bottles over my head **insert O.K. hand sign emoji**. I was skeptical about creating my death scene, but in the process I had a lot of fun and laughs making this morbid selfie with my brother. I wish we had more time and daylight-when you get us together the possibilities are endless and interesting.