WK 3- Drawing with Snapchat

imageimage                                                      I use snapchat on the daily because it’s a great way to keep in tune with friends without mass text messaging. It’s simply fun. The new filters that give you a fat face or barf rainbows are my favorite snapchat features. I don’t typically draw with the pencil icon because I have fat oily fingers (gross), so I prefer looking like a fool in filters. (Above left) I used a pin head filter, but feature glitched and resulted in me looking like a piece from Picasso. Possibly my favorite. (Above right) was an eerie feature overlapped with a blue-tint filter, so I look straight out of a horror film. (Below) The other two photos are from Regan Cameron’s snapchat. I like that she enjoys the same blue-tint filter as I do, but she has dainty fingers so her drawings come out better than mine. (Below left) The telephone snapchat features yours truly. Very creative Regan(;



Author: huntermervosh

Est. 1993 I am a senior at CSU Long Beach wrapping up my final semester. A great amount of my time is dedicated to my career at Vans. I can genuinely say I love the company I work for and everything they represent. I'm a dog person. Cats are overrated, although I have three felines. My heart is taken by a little dachshund named Brawtney. I have two family dogs I also have a soft spot for- a German shepherd, Kekoa, and a beagle, Levi. I'm the type of person who will show up to a party and hang out with the host's dogs all night- and if anyone asks, "oh, that party was lit". I love the outdoors, and being indoors is a punishment, but adventures are no fun unless you have someone to share it with!.. So I value the people in my life greatly. I am a hula dancer of 17+years. I'm not that great in comparison to my beautiful hula sister who I share the stage with, but I love traveling and competing with them. Excited to soak up my last semester here at The Beach!

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