WK 4- Art Experience- Spray Paint

I give street artist creds because I had expectations of how difficult using spray paint could be. I experimented on a card board box with a metallic blue and golden yellow paint. I found them on clearance at Michael’s, the craft store, for $4 each. I held the can a little to close to the box to get clean starlight lines, however the grooves on the cardboard box distorted how the paint laid. The blue was fine, however the yellow cap clogged. I started using the blue cap for both colors until that too clogged. Unfortunately I couldn’t clean the caps- I used a safety pin and soap to clean it, but no luck. I didn’t get to finish my name entirely the way I had hoped. My family and I are emptying out our garage and they gave me the approval to experiment with paint on the walls so I hope round 2 goes a lot smoother!image


Author: huntermervosh

Est. 1993 I am a senior at CSU Long Beach wrapping up my final semester. A great amount of my time is dedicated to my career at Vans. I can genuinely say I love the company I work for and everything they represent. I'm a dog person. Cats are overrated, although I have three felines. My heart is taken by a little dachshund named Brawtney. I have two family dogs I also have a soft spot for- a German shepherd, Kekoa, and a beagle, Levi. I'm the type of person who will show up to a party and hang out with the host's dogs all night- and if anyone asks, "oh, that party was lit". I love the outdoors, and being indoors is a punishment, but adventures are no fun unless you have someone to share it with!.. So I value the people in my life greatly. I am a hula dancer of 17+years. I'm not that great in comparison to my beautiful hula sister who I share the stage with, but I love traveling and competing with them. Excited to soak up my last semester here at The Beach!

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