WK 8- Artist Conversations- Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: BFK printmaking paper, light sensitive emulsion stencils, water based ink screen

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @bri.joy

Artist Bri Joy comes from a small town nuzzled on the western slope of Santa Ana Mountains called Modjeska Canyon. The Orange County community is home to a few several hundred, so Bri graduated with the same kids se started kindergarten with. She attended Orange High School of Arts. While attending Saint Bathos College,  Bri visited Long Beach and fell in love with the LBC people. She transferred to CSULB and has been apart of the Print Making Working Program for three years. From meeting Bri first impression you would believe she was a born and raised Long Beach local. Her favorite hobbies are surfing, skateboarding, yoga, snowboarding, and she’s a artist; the Long Beach package!

Bri uses is an archival print making paper called BFK. She purchased a 10 yard roll of the paper for this exhibit so she can cut and match the size of preference because she likes large scale art. The images in her art are black and white, but what stands out the most are the dashed lines in the foreground of the main image being portrayed. I overheard a fellow observer describe the work as “digitized”. Bri’s shift in sharp lines to more jagged lines was to symbolize the shift in her life. Surprisingly this was the first time Bri worked in all black and white as well, and her reason was because she believes color evokes emotions while black and white is less distracting from the meaning.

I enjoy the meaning Bri is portraying through her work. I especially like the abrupt digitized lines that Bri uses as they are different from the ideal smooth work most artist attain.  I would like to enjoy her work in color that she says she normally works with. I admire her journey from a small town to Long Beach- I think it’s awesome how someone can find a home away from home in a place she describes as having different people.



Author: huntermervosh

Est. 1993 I am a senior at CSU Long Beach wrapping up my final semester. A great amount of my time is dedicated to my career at Vans. I can genuinely say I love the company I work for and everything they represent. I'm a dog person. Cats are overrated, although I have three felines. My heart is taken by a little dachshund named Brawtney. I have two family dogs I also have a soft spot for- a German shepherd, Kekoa, and a beagle, Levi. I'm the type of person who will show up to a party and hang out with the host's dogs all night- and if anyone asks, "oh, that party was lit". I love the outdoors, and being indoors is a punishment, but adventures are no fun unless you have someone to share it with!.. So I value the people in my life greatly. I am a hula dancer of 17+years. I'm not that great in comparison to my beautiful hula sister who I share the stage with, but I love traveling and competing with them. Excited to soak up my last semester here at The Beach!

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