Hey I’m Charlay (pronounced chaaaahhr-lay). You may have seen my face before. I’m that dog that’s been banned at just about every park. Don’t see the resemblance? Let me help you out…


How about now?…

Humans think they’re so cool with their opposable thumbs. They think they’re so fancy, but what a lot of humans and most dogs know is that if you spread your paw pads enough you can grip just about anything- Like a bottle of rum. I got into bartending when I turned 2 years old- 21 in dog years. My speciality drink are Scooby Snacks. Anyway, I figured humans love dogs and after a crumby day at the office they want a dog or a beer next to them. So I give them both, but I only let the pretty ladies pet me. Yeah I hear a lot of sappy stories about people’s lives spiraling out of control…

Like this one guy Fawkes. (You should check out his page ). I don’t think this guy owns any nice clothes. He walks into the bar with holy clothes. Apparently he’s from “earth” before Moonbase Alpha became a community. He thinks he’s sooooo cool and tough until he gets caught sipping on green apple martinis and One Direction comes on the speakers.
And Creepsteevo is a regular at my bar. He’s an alcoholic. He builds a fat tab nearly every night buying himself and ladies drinks. He’s kind of a creep, but I feel for the bum.

Then there’s Vedusa… She’s a babe, but uhhhh she has these supernatural powers so she kind of makes me uncomfortable. She has these pet snakes and I told her no pets allowed, but she gave me this death stare like she’d break out some mixed martial arts on me and then feed me to her snakes. I’m not a big dog. I’m more of a lap dog.


Author: huntermervosh

Est. 1993 I am a senior at CSU Long Beach wrapping up my final semester. A great amount of my time is dedicated to my career at Vans. I can genuinely say I love the company I work for and everything they represent. I'm a dog person. Cats are overrated, although I have three felines. My heart is taken by a little dachshund named Brawtney. I have two family dogs I also have a soft spot for- a German shepherd, Kekoa, and a beagle, Levi. I'm the type of person who will show up to a party and hang out with the host's dogs all night- and if anyone asks, "oh, that party was lit". I love the outdoors, and being indoors is a punishment, but adventures are no fun unless you have someone to share it with!.. So I value the people in my life greatly. I am a hula dancer of 17+years. I'm not that great in comparison to my beautiful hula sister who I share the stage with, but I love traveling and competing with them. Excited to soak up my last semester here at The Beach!

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