Wk 13- Artist Conversations- Tiffany Le


Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Watercolor, Color Pencil, Ink, Charcoal and Clayboard

Gallery: Dennis W Dutzi Gallery

Website: letealeaf.prosite.com

Instagram: @letealeaf

Soon to be graduate Tiffany Le will be receiving her MFA in CSULB’s illustration program. She is very excited to wrap up her last year at The Beach to move on to her own studio work. Next to art, Tiffany had a unique hobby of kendo, a form of Japanese martial art that she says is like fencing. She also has two bunnies she loves very much.

Tiffany’s art is inspired by her family’s and the entire Vietnamese community’s struggle to seek refuge and make a home in America. She depicts zodiac animals in her paintings to symbolize the traits associated with the zodiac sign. The many of boats depicted have to do with the Vietnamese community. Because they came by the boats to seek refuge following the Fall of Saigon in 1975 they were called “boat people”, which labeled them as outsiders and brought more difficulties to the Vietnamese people. Tiffany’s work not only captures symbolic interpretation through objects, but the form of art holds her people’s culture.

Of all the exhibitions, I admired Tiffany’s work the most. She claimed to not know much of her people’s history and culture from the start, however her art has given her the ability to explore and share the Vietnamese difficulties. The large boat and many small boats in the center of the room were beautiful and were what initially caught my eye. It made the room a personal environment, like a candle lighting for those Vietnamese who fought every day in hopes of a more prosperous life for their family and themselves.


Wk 13- Art Experience- Geocaching

image.pngI heard of Geocaching when the app first came out and thought it was something I would never do. It’s not that I don’t love the outdoors, I enjoy hiking and adventure, but I’m all for the scenery not the hunt. So I chose to look for a geocache near home at San Martin Park just a few blocks away. I was disappointed that my search came up empty handed, but the idea had me a little thrilled, so you could imagine my disappointed. I didn’t keep searching for other coordinates because they fell far outside my neighborhood and honestly, I’m on E for gas and pay day is still 4 days away. I feel like you could get the most out of this app if you travel to more remote secluded areas where muggles won’t tamper with the prize or treat. This is definitely something worthwhile if you’re with a few friends and can’t think of anything cool to do. I’d like to go out further from the suburbs and city to find something hidden near a trail. Unfortunately I didn’t participate in hiding anything neat, but this apps a keeper. It would be fun to get more involved and add my own coordinate to the map for seekers.  Thanks for the exposure Glenn!