WK 3- Artist Conversation- Joshua Vasquez


Artist: Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Clear Plastic Trash Bags, Red Rosin Paper, Ink Markers, Various Discarded Flowers

Gallery: CSLUB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.joshvasquez.com

Instagram: @Joshybehr #VidaMorteArt


In a solo exhibit titled Vida/Morte, Joshua Vasqez reveals a 6 month project of his own artwork. Joshua Vasquez is a 5th year undergraduate of the Drawing and Painting Program at CSU Long Beach School of Arts from Downtown Los Angeles. He graduates Spring 2017. Josh enjoys all forms of art, but favors using ink marker with his trash bag canvases. He has held a passion for art since a young boy, but never went after the idea of pursuing art until 2 years ago. Before pursuing art, Josh majored in communication studies.

Josh’s work depicts flowers and skulls-life and death. The room was dim, only illuminating his pieces on the wall and floor, evoking a sense of darkness. It was interesting to look into his piece, Los Ojos– composed of acrylic on red robin paper, layered with discarded flowers, because Josh successfully captures life and death in a single artwork. When asked why he uses simply black and white, he answered that the discarded flowers are his color. His black and white pieces on the walls, composed canvases made up of clear white trash bags and black ink marker embody more death as they depict human skulls and a cow skull. A fellow art appreciator was quick to ask Josh what he was attempting to encompass in his wall canvas because they were so different from the pieces on the floor. Josh responded that he depicts many skulls, however in a single piece-Rosado, he describes envisioning a rose. The soft, circular strokes were inspired by rose pedals. When Josh was forwarded with questions about his inspirations, influences, and drive he was short and hesitant. His hopes are for his admirers to draw their own personal conclusions to the meaning. I admire Josh Vasquez’s art and how he does not only embrace the beauty of life, but his art forces the observer to feel the beauty of death.

I can’t say my experiences have influenced my views on Joshua Vasquez’s art, however I am visually attracted to the dimness of the room and how it compliments the neutral tones from the red robin paper used in his flower-centered pieces such as Los Ojos and La Flor Muerta. His use of trash bags for canvas is intriguing in itself because I had never seen such resourceful innovation in art.


WK 3- Drawing with Snapchat

imageimage                                                      I use snapchat on the daily because it’s a great way to keep in tune with friends without mass text messaging. It’s simply fun. The new filters that give you a fat face or barf rainbows are my favorite snapchat features. I don’t typically draw with the pencil icon because I have fat oily fingers (gross), so I prefer looking like a fool in filters. (Above left) I used a pin head filter, but feature glitched and resulted in me looking like a piece from Picasso. Possibly my favorite. (Above right) was an eerie feature overlapped with a blue-tint filter, so I look straight out of a horror film. (Below) The other two photos are from Regan Cameron’s snapchat. I like that she enjoys the same blue-tint filter as I do, but she has dainty fingers so her drawings come out better than mine. (Below left) The telephone snapchat features yours truly. Very creative Regan(;


WK2- Art Experience- Plaster Mold

imageimageimageimage                                      I have never handled plaster before this, and I was really nervous to mess up. Reality, the most difficult part was discouraging my dogs’ participation. Once I made my mold, I mixed my plaster, but the first go I didn’t mix enough. My goal was to achieve and preserve max detail. After I poured I left my masterpiece to sit- the best part ab0ut doing this from home was having plenty of things to occupy myself with in the meantime, like Netflix and my dogs. I had let it sit for well over an hour before digging up my creation. I was really excited to see how the shape turned out, hoping my mold held up from pouring. I was surprised how well the sand held from looking at my mold. You can see my nails and even the shape of my knuckles. Excited to show my parents, they’re response was “Creepy”. And from my dogs facial expression she was quite confused. For the record my fingers aren’t crooked.

WK1-Art Experience- Landscape with a Corpse

I had a lot of fun brainstorming possible landscapes, but most of my daytime is consumed with work hours so I was limited to indoor lighting. My bathroom is the most illuminated room in my house. Photo creds to my little brother-Drake, the only artistic mind I trust in my household because he gets me. And shout out to his attention to detail after telling me to close my eyes, followed by knocking shampoo bottles over my head **insert O.K. hand sign emoji**. I was skeptical about creating my death scene, but in the process I had a lot of fun and laughs making this morbid selfie with my brother. I wish we had more time and daylight-when you get us together the possibilities are endless and interesting.